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eMedia Ventura is a multi-media consultancy firm, which primarily deals with marketing consultancy, as well as providing web design & development services. Our aim is to work effectively with our clients, allowing them to meet their immediate and long-term goals. We achieve this, through the creation of innovative websites and marketing solutions consistent with the company’s corporate profile and brand image. We strive to combine marketing talent and technology with outstanding customer service, creating long-term partnerships.
Our solutions are customized, and provide in-depth analysis across different fields and sectors. It is this client-centric work ethic, paired with our technical and analytic expertise that gives us the leading edge.

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Best Services

Products and Services

As a company versatile in its capabilities, products and services, we endeavour to be in the forefront of providing expert advice and consultancy.
We help our clients in identifying the message they wish to communicate to their target audience, and create tailored solutions, which highlight their ideas and visions.
Our service has a personal touch with that little bit extra that makes us stand out from the rest. We do more than just produce graphics; working as consultants we provide solutions and technical support throughout the design, production and maintenance processes.

Among the various products that we offer for that added edge is Light Tape® for lighting solutions. We are proud to be dealers of Light Tape®, this US based company is taking the future of lighting to the next level. Using Light Tape® gives eMedia Ventura the benefit of exploring different options of lighting not available in the market in the past.
Running on extremely low voltage approx 1 watt per meter, it contains no GLASS or MERCURY, thus, making the material safe and recyclable. With the ability to run lengths of over 100m long with no breaks or separate ballasts, this material is setting the standard in the lighting market.
So whatever the graphics project, involving us at an early stage will ensure that the right solution is applied and that you will save time, effort and money.

Marketing Services

Branding & Corp. Identity
Development for SME's
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Research
Developing & Implementing Marketing plans
Direct Marketing
Market Research
Marketing Project Management / Specific Project
Marketing Strategy Development
Periodical Training Seminars
Publicity & Advertising

Online Services

Domain Registration
Email Marketing
Internet & Online Marketing

Web Innovation

Visual Consultancy
Website Design
Website Development
Website Administration
Website Maintenance
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content Management Systems (CMS)
E-commerce Development Solutions
Web Hosting

Visual Media

Visual Consultancy
Graphics Production
Building Wraps
Events & Exhibitions
Retail Graphics
Retail Hoardings
Interior Graphics
Sports & Stadia
Project Management
Signage & Wayfinding
Property Sector
Marketing Suites
Museum Displays
Specialist Print
Experiential Marketing
Airport Graphics
Portable Displays
Vehicle Graphics
Photographic Services
Digital Screen Media



Our purpose is to deliver the best value to consumers by providing strategic counsel for results-oriented advertising, through innovative and creative campaign strategies that is achieved from meticulous attention to client needs.


To be among the leaders in creative advertising and serving clients that demand innovative ideas. Creativity in all things is the foundation of our existence.


Our set of core values is shared by every person in the company and defines our activities. We demonstrate and value Honesty, Integrity, accountability, teamwork and ethical behaviour.

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P.O. Box 15877 - Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Tel: +973 17 554 860
    Fax: +973 17 554 879

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